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• The recovery of charges for completed repairs

• The recovery of charges for storage fees

• The recovery of any other charge accrued on any vehicle that is owed to your repair facility.

• Mechanics Liens

• Storage Liens

• Auto Title Recovery

• Titles for Trailers

• Title Recordings

​• Vehicle Information

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​• Apportioned Tags

​• Abandoned Vehicle Removal

​• Bonded Titles
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Private and Auto Industries
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Investment Recovery 
All Vehicle Title Services

Texas Title and Lien Service provides many services to all types of motor vehicles. If you have a vehicle that has been repaired, stored, or abandoned at your repair facility and you think you may not be able to recover repair or collection fees that are owed to you, you may be in for a surprise. We have had clients who were in the same position and received immediate results from Texas Title and Lien Service in regaining their investment, or title was issued on the vehicle in question to the repair facility. Fees will vary on case by case basis. 

The state of Texas gives the repair facility the opportunity to attempt to collect for services rendered through a mechanics lien and or storage lien process, or obtain ownership to sell vehicle at auction, private sale, or retain ownership. The mechanics lien process takes up to 60 days (from the date of repairs) for the repair facility to obtain legal possession of a vehicle if charges are unpaid. A storage lien process will take up to 60 days (from the date towed and stored).

Proper guidelines must be followed when filing a lien. Texas laws on liens are updated annually and need to be followed thoroughly. If the guidelines were not properly followed, a lien can be rejected and the process much start all over again or in some cases, rejected permanently. As the repair facility you could permanently lose the opportunity to recover repair fees on a vehicle if the lien process is not assembled properly. Forfeiture of a vehicle to the registered owner is possible as well and charges for repairs may be uncollected. We can provide you with some important advice free of charge on this subject. 

Texas Title and Lien Service has proven positive results collecting monies owed to them, by owners or lien holders of a vehicle after proper notification and representation. We have experienced in some cases of titles and/or ownership of a vehicle were surrendered to the repair facility in exchange for the repair charges if the registered owner and/or lien holder do not express interest in it anymore. 

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