Established in 1983, we have always upheld a sense of professionalism and quality of service when dealing with our customers title and lien needs.  We have made it our goal to provide our clients with the quickest and most professional service possible to help them regain their investment.  Because of our dedication to our work here at Texas Title & Lien Service LLC, we can ensure the highest of professional standards and our commitment to maintaining the highest continuing professional title and lien standards as required by federal and state agencies.

What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. We like to think of ourselves as a team, working together with the client to ensure that the client's title and lien services are fulfilled to recover repair or collection fees that are owed to them.
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Al Gaber, Founder of Texas Title and Lien Services
Al has been in the title and lien services for over thirty years, first establishing Texas Title & Lien Service in 1983. Still a thriving company today, he knows what it takes to make sure clients are well taken care of and recover the money owed to them. 

Jessica Gaber, daughter of Alfred Gaber took over ownership in 2021. She has strived to make this business grow and build relationships with her customers along make an exceptional reputation in the community with helping clients in solving their needs. She has been referred to as "The Title Queen".
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